These PDF forms can be electronically filled. Please fill them and bring to the school. We suggest you save them, fill it out, save them again, then print them and bring it to us. That way you have a copy too.  Any information that changes in the future can also be updated by you and sent to us.


1 Admission Agreement  
2 Registration Form 
3 Identification of Emergency Information (LIC700)
4 Notification of Parents Rights (LIC995) 
5 Personal Rights (LIC 613A)
6 Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment (LIC627)
7 Physicians Report  (LIC 701)
8 Child's Pre-Admission Health History Parents Report (LIC 702) 
Nebulizer Care Consent
Meal Benefit Form
Infant Center Food and Sleeping Schedule
LHMP Transportation
Lunch Menu (Sample)
Summer Camp Program (2022)