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This age group ideally requires a 5 day repetitive work schedule to best help them prepare for Elementary School. Children in this age group that attend school 5 days a week have shown faster growth in all areas of classroom work as well as significantly better social skills essential for success in work and life. Children thrive on routine and consistency.   

Children love exploring, discovering, experiencing their environment. Doing this takes time. We live in such a fast paced world that we want results and mastery immediately in a certain time frame. Children do not function like that. They need time to develop, time spent to unfold and become who they are meant to be. The Montessori environment offers quality, purposeful environment for children to engage in. Each day they are presented lessons that are age appropriate. We see children spend pockets of time in certain areas, repeating works and activities that they are enjoying. 

Being in the classroom for five days, provides consistency and an opportunity to choose many interesting work. It allows the natural pace of a child’s learning to happen. Longer times spent in a Montessori environment helps develop a strong focus, better attention skills as well as longer work cycles. This development is critical to a child’s success as they continue on with their schooling.   This class will provide a solid foundation for the children to grow, learn and aspire while making learning fun.

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  • Each child learns at his or her own pace. Students are guided by Montessori instructors who are trained in the Montessori philosophy.
  • Children will learn social skills and daily living skills,
  • Broad curriculum includes math, language, science, geography and social sciences introduced by using Montessori material
  • Children interact with others of different ages, creating an environment where younger students can learn from the older children, and older children have the opportunity to take the lead
  • Montessori offers a child-centered learning environment and the teacher is not the center of this classroom.
  • Montessori promotes a hands-on approach to learning versus a focus on seatwork.
  • Educational field trips will be included in the program as part of hands on learning
  • Aim is to develop all aspects of child's psyche – emotional, spiritual and intellectual – to develop well-rounded individuals, by promoting daily music, arts and crafts and dance.
  • This is a very crucial class as the child learns the basic skills to faces the challenges in Kindergarten.
  • All the children will be learning math and language according to their own pace.