We have also have a Kindergarten program for qualified  students. This program combines the best of Montessori teaching methods and the public school curriculum.  Montessori teaching methods were developed to take your child up to to  ages 12-14 (Middle School Level) with advanced methodologies that your child can benefit from.  


  • Teachers don't lecture, but guide in Montessori. They assist students to discover their true potential through challenging experiences to be completed in an uninterrupted learning environment.
  • Children are encouraged to spend longer time concentrating on work, uninterrupted by bells indicating a sudden change of subject
  • The children learn at their own pace in small groups and lesson plans will be individualized.
  • The integrated curriculum of the Montessori Kindergarten program encourages children to see the critical relationship among all subjects and indeed among all aspects of life.
  • The curriculum covers mathematics, language, science, history, and geography, instead being lectured children will learn by variety of creative activities
  • In their individualized work the children learn to set goals, to manage time, to organize projects and use variety of resources.
  • Children will use advanced Montessori material to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • They will be advanced readers as we will follow the Phonic Reading Program
  • Creative writing and thinking will be encouraged
  • Educational field trips will be part of the program
  • Extra- curricular activities will provide a well- rounded educational experience
  • The children will be ready to face the academic challenges in the first grade with confidence as they will work on homework and worksheets that will make them ready for the main stream learning
  • This program will encourage children to be life- long learners and achieve their true potential in life